Duo Bath Party Tickets in Lukacs Baths

Get the special bath party deal of Budapest Lukacs Bath parties with the Duo Ticket deal for 2 people (also known as Bonus tickets): perfect for couples and close friends. You can save on the deal: get 2 tickets, 4 cocktails, your 2 special towels, private little cabin (safe storage, getting changed in privacy), plus nice bath party tote bags in the Duo Xpress Ticket Plus.

Budapest Spa Baths Party Couple
Budapest Spa Baths Party Couple

Bath parties in Lukacs Baths are attracting thousands of young people from all over the world, from Scandinavia, to the US, from Australia to the Netherlands.

Duo Party Tickets Plus

The Duo Xpress Plus package of the bath parties includes a lot more than 2 tickets of course, 2 memorable gifts, a little bit of privacy in your cabin, and nice drinks to start the party with. Want to give a perfect romantic gift to your love? Just get a Duo Plus deal for two, arrange a quick and cheap flight to Budapest and a nice hostel in Budapest (avoid party hostels if you want some quieter night). Who said that romance has to cost a fortune?

  • 2 Bath Party Tickets in Lukacs Baths
  • 1 Cabin for privacy and storage
  • 4 Party Cocktails or 8 Beers (the 4 drink coupons can be used flexibly, 1 coupon is worth 2 beers, or 1 cocktail)
  • 2 Bath Party Towels with Sparty logo
  • 2 Sparty tote bags
Szechenyi Bath Party Budapest Girls
Szechenyi Bath Party Budapest Girls

Price of Duo Tickets Plus for bath parties for 2 people including all the above in Lukacs Baths is in deed a good deal. Please check the inclusions and prices on the payment page.

Friends can also buy the Duo or Trio tickets, you do not have to be a couple to make the most out of your sparty ticket packages! If you do not need the towels, you can buy the cheaper Duo Xpress Ticket (inclusions are the same except for the towels).

Duo Ticket is cheaper than the Duo Plus tickets as the duo ticket does not contain the 2 towels.

Duo Tickets include

  • 2 Bath Party Tickets in Lukacs Baths
  • Fast track entry to the party
  • 1 Cabin for privacy and storage
  • 4 Party Drink Coupons (the 4 drink coupons can be used flexibly, 1 coupon is worth 2 beers, or 1 cocktail)

Price for special NYE Bath Party aka the Cinetrip Winter Sparty is at higher prices as the pre NYE party is a mega party with Featured DJs, performers, and more laser show extras. The ticket for two people including all the above plus priority lane access in Szechenyi Baths pre – New Year’s Eve party on Dec 30 can be purchased in advance with an early bird discount from October. Later the prices will increase as the date of Dec 30 is getting closer.


  1. I want to book the Sparty Bonus Package for 9 people on 05 April @ the Lukacs Baths. When will the tickets be available? Thanks

  2. Hi there, Was really looking forward to coming to the arty tonight with my other half for our two year anniversary. jut went to buy the tickets but general admission are sold out. Can you please tell me if there will be any on the door tonight or what the difference between the bonus tickets for 120 euro and the double bonus for 80 euros is please? Ill be so disappointed if i don’t get to go :(. Really hope to hear back from you in time to make tonights event. thank you, Sophia

    • Hello Sophia, I am sorry that we could not reply in time to your last minute Magic bath party question – hope you managed to buy a bonus / double bonus ticket for 2 and enjoy the party. Double bonus is like bonus but without the 2 towels. Usually if tickets go sold out online, there are no more tickets available at the gate of Lukacs Bath unless there are some who cannot go and want to resell their tickets.

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  4. Hello,

    I was wondering if it’s gonna be any party the following weekend and the prices because i will go visit budapest and it would be cooler :P

  5. Hallo, please, where I can buy a ticets to Lukacs Baths party? I cannot get it online. Could you help me?
    We arrived to Budapest 2.9.

    Thank you!!!

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