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If you have any questions about Lukacs Baths, or need guidance about Budapest Baths, you can contact us via our central email, where we can provide details about Lukacs Baths, inform you about the small print, big print / advantages / disadvantages of Budapest Cards, including information about the free entry to Lukacs Baths with Budapest Cards, and other relevant visitor information.

Contact Us

Please send inquiries to our central email address:

info [ at ] bathsbudapest [ dot ] com

Please note that we do not manage massage bookings online or in advance for Lukacs Baths. If you wish to get a massage booked in advance, please check Gellert Spa or Szechenyi Baths websites. Alternatively, you can try to book a treatment in Lukacs Baths on the day of your visit (subject to availability).

How to Get to Lukacs Bath

By public transportation in Budapest (if you have your Budapest Card, it is free of charge):

Budapest Streetcar 6 Wheelchair Accessible to Lukacs Baths
Budapest Streetcar 6 Wheelchair Accessible – Allesok Photography

Streetcar on the Grand Boulevard: number 4 and 6 both stop at the Buda side end of the Margaret Bridge. The 4 and 6 streetcars in Budapest are best recommended for a fast and convenient approach, not only for the general public but for tourists with wheelchair too. Get off at the  stop “Margithid” (Margaret Bridge) over the river Danube in Budapest, on the Buda side.

Buses: number 6, 60 and 86 buses have a bus stop close to Lukacs Bath. Get off at the  stop “Margithid” (Margaret Bridge).

Suburban train (HÉV): the suburban train leaves from Batthyany Square and provides a quick and easy access to Lukacs Bath by the Margaret Bridge. Get off at the  stop “Margithid” (Margaret Bridge).

The thermal bath is located in the proximity of some top attractions in Budapest, including Margaret Island, and Veli Bej Bath (Csaszar Furdo). Please see the location of the thermal baths on Budapest Tourist Map:

View Budapest Tourist Map in a larger map

You can contact Lukacs Thermal Bath and Swimming Pool (Lukacs Gyogyfurdo), the official institute, in various ways: via the official phone number, email, or by post. Please find the directions to Lukacs Baths below the contact details.

Contact Lukács Gyógyfürdő és Uszoda

Lukacs Bath Budapest
Lukacs Bath Budapest

The official Hungarian name of the thermal baths is Lukács Gyógyfürdő és Uszoda (Lukacs Spa Baths and Pool). You can visit the official website of the Lukacs Furdo.

Address of Szent Lukács Gyógyfürdő és Uszoda

25 – 29 Frankel Leo Street, Budapest, District II, zip code H-1023
H-1023 Budapest, Frankel Leó u. 25-29.

Phone of Lukács Gyógyfürdő és Uszoda

Telephone: (36-1) 326-1695
Fax: (36-1) 326-1696


  1. Dear friends,

    I’m a photographer and a journalist. At this moment I work on a photostory about Budapest for a German travel magazine. I would like to show some of Budapest’s famous bath parties as a part of this publication. May I ask which person should I contact about the permission to take press pictures at the Magic Bath Party at the Lukacs Bath on November 2, 2013?

    Best regards,
    Vova Pomortzeff

  2. Hey,
    is it still possible to buy tickets for the bath party tonight?

    • Hello Elisa, sorry, this Saturday party in Lukacs Bath will be insane with lots of folks. You can still try your luck at the entrance, but no guarantee for a simple ticket. Bonus tickets are still on sale, including two bath tickets, private cabin, 2 towels, 4 cocktails. If you can, try to share it with someone else, it is a good spa party deal if no simple tickets are on sale any more.

  3. Hello, i am trying to get to get a ticket for the bath party on sat. the 16th of nov. but my card is not working, i have tried several times. what can i do? thank you! – leah o.

    • Hello Leah, you can try to use different browser versions or computers for the booking, or perhaps another card. If there is no success, you can still try to buy a bath party ticket on the spot (if there is any left) in Lukacs Baths.

  4. Hi, I can’t get through by phone have you got an email address?
    I’m trying to find out if some lost property has been found. Thanks

  5. Hi Lukacs Baths,

    I am very confused. When I checked last week there was a bath party on December 17.
    Please confirm if this is still happening, I am only in Hungary for a few days and really wanted to go to this with my friend.

    Kind Regards

    • Hello Aussie, we are very sorry about the typo on the page of the Magic Bath information. The Dec 14 date was mistyped as Dec 17, recently corrected by our web content manager. The parties are on Saturdays to make sure weekend travelers, and locals who can take off the weekend night can enjoy the sparty. The ticket buying page has showed Dec 14 as it should, only the website page had the wrong December date. Hope you can come to the Dec 14 party!

  6. Jillian Di Filippo


    I believe I left a pair of shoes at the bath party last weekend. Is there someone in charge of the lost and found you can put me in contact with?


  7. i have some problems to print my ticket. how can i do? can i show it on the smartphone?

  8. Hey,

    I’m really worried I purchased tickets for April 19th – the bonus tickets at 120 EUR. My credit card has been charged but after the payment page it said the browser wasn’t displaying anything properly. So I didn’t get any reference number or confirmation email. Can you please assist?

    • Hello Sonia, we are sorry about the booking difficulties. We have received your email too, which was addressed to the company Ogone. The payment link we have on our page goes to PayLogic company:
      I wonder if you have used the paylogic payment link, or if you tried to book your bath party somewhere else. If you did use paylogic, please contact the customer service of paylogic, not ogone.
      In your email to ogone forwarded to us, you also write: “I was completing a transaction and then landed on this page. Can you please be of assistance as I am not sure whether my card has been charged or not”. Could you please also check with your bank if your card has been charged or not. Paylogic usually needs 48 hours to reply technical / payment emails. As April 19 is further away I am sure that your bath party ticket will be sorted out in due time.

  9. We are 5 people who want to buy tickets for the 1st of march.
    What is the difference between magic bath – bonus double ticket; and magic bath – bonus ticket?
    since the double is cheaper i am a Little confused.
    We want the extra package for 5 people, what tickets should i buy?

    • Hi Henrik, the double bonus ticket (80 Euro) is cheaper as it does not include the spa party towels. The towels are only included in the Bonus tickets (120 Euro). Sorry about the name confusion.

      Bonus Tickets of Budapest Spa Bath Party include:

      2 bath party tickets,
      1 private cabin (with a lock),
      4 party cocktails
      2 party towels with Sparty logo
      2 gift tote bags with Sparty logo

      Double Bonus Tickets of Budapest Spa Bath Party include:

      2 bath party tickets,
      1 private cabin (with a lock),
      4 party cocktails
      2 gift tote bags with Sparty logo

  10. ok, thanks for the reply! how do i do if i wish the bonus package with towels for five people, considering the fact that they are sold in pairs?

    • Hello Henrik, in this case, you can buy 2 bonus bath party entries and 1 standard. Unfortunately, there is no other way currently to buy a discount ticket for an odd number group. Sorry about that, and have fun in Budapest!

  11. Hello,

    I recently went to the sparty this past Saturday (01.03.14). Where may I view pictures taken from that night?
    Thank you!

  12. Hi. Can you provide me with the direct email address to the lukacs baths event organiser. I need to change my ticket dates as the ones sent to me are incorrect. Can you please help?

  13. Hello everyone! I will be visiting Budapest on April and I would really like to have the chance to join the Magic Party that will be on the 19th. Before buying the tickets, I would like to ask a question about this specific ticket I found available:
    My question is: is the final price of 80€ for a total of 2 tickets (40€ per person)? So that if we are 2, we just have to buy one duo ticket express (80€) to get 2 tickets (one each) Is it correct?
    Can you please help me? I really am looking forward to join the party!!

    thank you so much

  14. Hello, is it still possible to buy the tickets for the bath party in the box office for the next Saturday if they are already finished on the internet?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Clara, if online tickets for the bath party sell out, you can still try to get some spa party entry at the gate if there is any left (or some people try to re-sell their tickets). There is a slim chance as Lukacs Bath is considerably smaller than Szechenyi Bath and the party places are more limited, but you can still try it.

  15. Mandirasandrolini

    Hey there I was wondering where the pictures are from last Saturday the 26th sparty?

  16. Hi,
    how will you be open during the period 29/12 – 1/1 2015?
    Will you be open on the 1st Januay including massages?

    • Hello Bjorn, most thermal baths are open in Budapest during the winter period, including December 29, 30. On Dec 31 and Jan 1 there are shorter opening hours, and some of the smaller baths may not be open, but Gellert Spa and Szechenyi Spa & Baths are open (with a lot of visitors, booking in advance is warmly recommended especially for massage treatments).
      For year 2014 the New Year opening hours have not been set yet, the management usually makes such decisions for all state owned thermal baths in Budapest by October. But Dec 29 and Dec 30 are always open, in Lukacs Baths, in Szechenyi Baths in Gellert Baths, etc.

  17. Hello,

    I am think about going to the Lukacs Bath party on 5th July, but it seems is not possible to by the tickets online. There is any other way to do it ? online or in the day of the party.. ?

  18. Hi:
    We are a family with two children aged 11 and 13 years. Can they get the guys in the bathrooms? If so, is charged as an adult ?.
    We plan to go one in the afternoon. We was in honeymoon fifteen yers ago ando we wolud like come back again. At what point of time is the late entry, five or six o´clock?
    Thank you very much.

  19. Hello,

    I’m trying to find the program of the bath party for 2015, is there any pool party in january.

    I’m planning a bachelorette party and I really hope there is a party in the week end of 16-17-18 january, we are coming in budapest for this ;).

    Thanks for your answer


  20. Hey,
    First time in Budapest, and I brought 3 of my best friends and we just found out about the night bath parties.
    is it still possible to buy tickets for the bath party on saturday the 18th?

    • Hello John, most parties in both Lukacs Baths and Szechenyi Spa Baths are sold out by the day of the spa party. To boot, Lukacs Baths is much smaller than Szechenyi Baths, and can only take a few hundred people rather than over a 1000. Sorry, we would suggest booking online to be on the safe side. The parties are not only popular among locals but also among foreign tourists who travel to Hungary just to be at the party!

  21. Hello.

    We are planning to come to Budapest on Christmas. Are you open on 25-26 of December?
    We bought the Budapest card. We come to baths when we want or we must make a reservation first?
    and we want to make massage. Do we need to make a reservation for the massage too?


    • Hello George, yes, Lukacs Baths is also open at Christmas time (like many other thermal baths in Budapest, including Szechenyi Spa Baths and Gellert Spa).
      Dec 25 opening hours: 10 am – 6 pm
      Dec 26: 6 am – 8 pm
      Weekend ticket prices apply in the baths on (bank) holidays.

  22. Is it possible to get the xpress duo for tonight??

    Only in Budapest for the weekend

    • Hello Shady, you need to click on the chosen date of the bath party in Budapest, then you will be redirected to the payment page on paylogic. On the payment page you will see the available ticket options. The page also shows if online sales stopped, or a specific ticket type has been sold out.

  23. Hello, I’m planning to celebrate New Year in Budapest and I plan to buy Budapest card that also offeres free Lukas Bath. So I’m wondering about opening hours from 31.12.2014 till 03.01.2015? When can we come? Should we contact you before coming? Please, let me know more infro on these dates. Thanks.

  24. Hello, my friends and I are planning a trip to Budapest in April 2015, will the parties be on every Saturday night in April? Thank you

  25. Where can we see the photos from party on 17/01/15

  26. Jeroen Wernekinck

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    From the 6th to the 9th of March we are going on a trip to Budapest with a group consisting of 60 students. We are considering to go to your pool party the 7th of March. What kind of price reduction can you offer us? Please mail me.

  27. Hi,
    Myself and a few friends (9) are coming to budapest in May (bank holiday weekend)
    I was wondering if we could book the VIP (duo offer) so we all have towels, robes, bags, 4free drinks, hut between 2 of us please?
    So we would be looking at 5 VIP (duo packages) in total.
    Also how much are the duo VIP package tickets please!

    Thanks :)

  28. Hi,

    I just bought 3 x the Xpress tickets at 80 euros each for the march 14th party (So 6 of us going). I read the comments and it had previously been said that this 80 euro ticket can be split between 2 people (including a cabin, towels, 4 drinks) – but on the e-ticket it says it’s just for one person. Can you confirm that this is indeed a ticket for two people? The prices and names aren’t the same from one page to another!


  29. Dear sir,
    can you Tell me if the bath Will open the 15th of march?
    THAnk you for your answer.
    Best regards.

  30. Please tell me if Budapest Card works for the 14th February for the night party? Thank you

  31. Hello! I would like to know what hours you are open at 4,5 and 6 Αpril.Thank you for your time!

  32. Hi , We are arriving ( 02 ppl ) on 04th APRIL in Budapest and want to attend one of the Spa night parties.
    On your website it shows 04APR ( Saturday ) , party in Szechenyi Baths but in description it says Lukacs bath. Where is it exactly and how can I buy the tickets? Also How far is the place from main Inner Budapest?
    Could you please give me your email Id so that I can email you directly?

  33. Hi! I was there last 7 march and i want to get the photos we were taken there.
    Where can i get them? Thanks

  34. Hello,

    I attended the bath party on March 7th earlier this month and was unable to recover some of my belongings. I was given a concussion and a nasty black eye from some of the security guards at the spa party for defending my girlfriend who was being sexually assaulted. Because of this I was unable to get the money that was left on my magnetic drink card (Which was about 15500 Hungarian Forint) and also left a black and red button-down shirt. I still have the magnetic card with me but am now in Spain. I am an American citizen but I would like to recover my lost belongings as soon as possible. Hope to hear from you soon.

    • Hello Michael, thank you for contacting us. We are terribly sorry about the incident at the baths. The security guard was trying to maintain the peace at the party as I understand, and did not realize that you were trying to _protect_ someone, instead it was seen as an attack on someone. Our internal report shows that there was a fight breaking out between more guests, including your boyfriend. We are still continuing the investigation, and will try our best to make sure that no similar incidents take place at the bath party.
      The magnetic card prepaid value is on the way of being transferred back to your account. We hope to welcome you back with improved services.

  35. hello
    how can i order online a private bath ? -Gold and Purple Private Baths?
    For 2 persons, for 3 hours

  36. Hello, I was wondering if any tickets are still available for tonights party (30th may) as we cannot get through by phone.
    Thank you

  37. HI
    I am coming to budapest on the 10th – 14th december with my boyfriend & we wanted to attend the bath party thats on the Saturday night but its sold out & I am wondering if you get cancellations can we be put on the list to get tickets?
    WE really really wanted to go to this as I heard its the best.


    Nicola Burke

  38. Hi,

    I would like to e-mail you about purchasing group-tickets. Where can I find the e-mail adress?
    I’m interested in buying more than 11 group tickets and I want to be sure we can go with the group as a whole.

    Thank you in advance,


  39. Hi

    I am visiting Budapest 29 January to 1 February 2016 – will there be a party on during this time? Many thanks


  40. hallo!

    if I have the budapest card can i nter free in the baths??

    also the weekend??


  41. Hi

    I am thinking of coming with a group of 7 next week. Can you tell me drinks prices please?


    • Hello Karis, are you planning to visit the bath by day time (buffet and cafe are available with drinks too), or the night time party on Saturday in Lukacs Baths?

  42. Hi, are the baths open on 28.-30.12. 2015? And is there a hammam in your spa, available for women on weekdays? Do you also offer accomodation? Thanks

    • Hello Monika, there is a hammam treatment in Lukacs Baths (50 or 60 min massage and soapy cleaning on thermal heated marble stones). Besides there are steam rooms which are modern steam rooms (not hammams in the traditional sense of the word). You may wish to check Rudas Baths for its hammam in Budapest, another highlighted thermal bath in the city.
      Lukacs Bath does not have accommodation for guests unfortunately. You may check hotels nearby on the internet.

  43. Dear sirs,

    I would like to have more information about the Gold and Purple Private Baths.
    How does it work?

    Thank you,

  44. Hello,

    We want to come with 300 people to your Lukacs Baths to have a beautifull party
    We have worlds class DJ’s with us and want to organize something special with Lukacs Baths

    Tomorrow we are in Budapest, can we have a little meeting please?

    Kind regards

    Koen Darras
    +32 479 29 38 72

  45. Hi,

    I would like to know if the party to be happenning this saturday in the baths will be crowded.

    We are a group of 9 people and we need to decide between today and tomorrow if we buy tickets.

    Could you please send your answer the soonest?

    Thanks. Rgards

  46. T Cim!

    Mikor van vizitorna?



    • Kedves Károly,
      az akva fitnesz tornán óránként és félóránkét lehet részt venni a Lukács Fürdőben. A vízitorna órák időpontjai reggel 7.00 és este 6:00 óra között vannak.
      Bejelentkezni nem szükséges külön az órára, mivel a fürdő jegyek megváltásával jogosult a részvételre minden látogató.

  47. Hi, opening and cloosing hours today?

  48. We had a great time at Lukacs over the xmas period but would like to have a better understanding of the dress code for Sauna World. We noticed that the majority walked around with either swimwear or towel/sheet, but there were others who were without either. No security was called, and there appeared to be no concern by either the clothed or naked individuals. Is the sauna on the upper level the only place where we are permitted to be naked, or does it apply to everywhere within the two check in gates? The signs on some of the doors are a little strange. The reproductive areas are blocked out with black blocks, but no negative sign, but a positive tick is placed alongside the picture of a folded sheet. So does this mean naked in the sauna but sit on the sheet? We will be back very soon, and obviously do not wish to cause upset, or get ourselves into trouble, but are looking forward to a true sauna experience. Thank you for your time.

  49. Ludovico cascione

    Bello we are five, this night we want to come ti party? Can we buy the tickets? Thank you

    • Hi Ludovico,
      sorry, your comment reached us during out of office hours. We hope you could buy the Sparty Tickets on the spot, and had fun at Sparty!

  50. Hello Team,

    is it possible for people with 17years to go to your party tonight? we want to come with 4 people and don’t want to drink.

    please answer us soon.

    Many thanks

  51. Hello!
    My name is Rafael.
    I have Bekhterev’s disease (Ankylosing Spondylitis)
    I want to take a course of procedures with you. From 19/01/2018 – 25/01/2018 (7 days)
    What program of procedures will you advise for my illness?
    How much will the procedure cost?(I will live with friends)
    Sincerely, Rafael

    • Hello Rafael,
      medical treatments can be only arranged via medical referrals. Please contact your doctors to see if they help you with that.
      I am sorry that I could not be more helpful this time.
      Have a nice stay in Budapest!

  52. Hello,

    Can a 10 yo use the bath?


  53. Hi, could I ask whether I can use Budapest card (24h) to have a bath here? Do I need to spend extra money to buy locker, etc.?

    Thank you !

    • Hi Dane, yes, sure you can use the 24h Budapest Card, it includes a ticket to Lukacs Baths (basically an online ticket if you prebook the card The entry is for a single visit on any given day of the calendar year, with a locker included (no need to buy a locker on top of that) for storing your standard sized belongings (not suitable for storing suitcases or large backpacker type rucksacks).
      There are gender separated changing areas but if you want to enjoy some privacy you may buy an additional cabin for a surcharge (the cabin is like a 1 by 1 m cubicle for getting changed)

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