Lukacs Bath Parties in Budapest

Lukacs Baths Budapest Spa Party Nightlife

In 2022, all Bath Parties are held in Szechenyi Baths.

Budapest Nightlife is special with the famous Bath party series almost every Saturday throughout the year, including the winter months.


This is indeed a one of a kind spa party (sparty), in the City of Baths. Spend a Budapest Bath Party weekend in Budapest, get a cheap flight, a great hostel in Budapest, and splash into the best party in Europe. On Friday night, take a Budapest boat party, on Saturday night splash into the pool party!

Lukacs Baths Budapest Spa Party
Lukacs Baths Budapest Spa Party

Every Saturday the thermal bath turns into a crazy party venue with laser show, DJ, cocktails, beers, mismatching bikinis! Check the exact venue in the party date list and on your ticket please.

Magic Bath Ticket Online – choose date & buy ticket below

  • Party Ticket including a safe Locker
  • Trio Tickets are also available
  • Budapest Card is NOT valid for the bath party, sorry
  • Day time bath ticket is NOT valid for the night bath party (and party tickets are not valid for day time visits)
  • Party from 9.30 pm to 2 am

Budapest Magic Bath Party

Update: in 2022 all Sparties are held in Szechenyi Baths. There will be no Sparties in Lukacs Baths by the Margaret Island this year, as all of the bath parties have moved to next to the Budapest City Park in the historical and spacious Szechenyi Spa & Baths.

Bath Party Dates Budapest 2022

When is the next sparty? Budapest bath party dates in Budapest, Hungary are as follows:

    The venue of the wintertime Magic Bath parties in 2022 is Szechenyi Bath too.

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    Party Photos |

    Lukacs Baths Budapest Spa Party from above
    Lukacs Baths Budapest Spa Party from above
    Party Photos |

    Lukacs Baths Budapest Spa Party Design
    Lukacs Baths Budapest Spa Party Design
    Party Photos |

    Lukacs Baths Budapest Spa Party Nightlife
    Lukacs Baths Budapest Spa Party Nightlife
    Party Photos |

    Lukacs Baths Budapest Best Party
    Lukacs Baths Budapest Best Party
    Party Photos |

    Lukacs Baths Budapest Spa Party Swim Out
    Lukacs Baths Budapest Spa Party Swim Out
    Party Photos |

    Lukacs Baths Budapest Spa Party
    Lukacs Baths Budapest Spa Party
    Party Photos |

    Lukacs Baths Party Budapest Thermal Pools
    Lukacs Baths Party Budapest Thermal Pools
    Party Photos |

    Lukacs Baths Pool Party Budapest
    Lukacs Baths Pool Party Budapest
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    Bath Party Tickets Order

    Lukacs Baths Budapest Spa Party with Laser RaysDo not buy the day time bath ticket in Szechenyi Baths, as it is only valid during the day time. The party tickets are sold separately.

    Do you wish to buy your tickets for the Magic bath party in advance to get in? Here you can purchase the ticket. Please print out the voucher you get after payment. The voucher is your e-ticket for the bath party.

    Ticket Prices:  regular tickets €54 per person. The normal online party ticket includes the party entry with locker storage, and party from 9.30 pm to 1.30 am.

    If you are the two of you, check out the Duo package for 2 people with extras for 2, or, for 3 people, the Trio option.


    If you have any urgent questions, you can contact us regarding Szechenyi Bath party questions at the following email address:

    info [ at ] bathsbudapest [ dot ] com

    What is included in the Duo ticket price?

    Lukacs Baths Budapest SpaRty
    Lukacs Baths Budapest SpaRty
    • Party of your life, possibly
    • 2 Entries
    • 2 Drink Coupons
    • Open air warm thermal pools (whirlpool, bubble bath, underwater massage units in the pool)
    • direct access in the thermal water from the indoor waterway to the outdoor thermal pools
    • indoor hall
    • You may buy additional items and spa kits or party accessories upon check in at the Spa Party (towels, flip flops are perhaps the most popular)
    Bath Party Budapest
    Bath Party Budapest

    Please note that the party ticket does not include drinks or towel rental, nor does it include a day time visit to Szechenyi Baths.

    The Party Bar is loaded with drinks (beers, wines, juices, cocktails, shorts etc.).

    Bath Party Rules

    Please bring your own towel, flip flops and swimwear

    Everyone has to put on – and hold onto – a swim wear, speedo, boxer, bikini. (Surprise us! There is always a Borat style swimwear popping up).

    No drinks or foods can be brought to the premises. You can buy the party drinks and chums at the Sparty Bar.

    No smoking: smoking is forbidden in thermal baths in Budapest.

    No weed, no drugs: marijuana and all the drugs are forbidden to be used in Hungary.

    Tickets, Inclusions & Prices

    Booking Party Tickets

    Single Tickets:

    • Party Ticket:  €54 (1 person) including single entry from 9.30 pm to 1.30 am & Locker (lockers are subject to availability).  €54
    • Single Premium: €64 (1 person) including single entry from 9.30 pm to 1.30 am & Locker (lockers are subject to availability), 1 Drink Coupon (1 coupon equals 2 Beers or 1 Cocktail). €64
    • Single Premium Plus: €79 (1 person) including single entry from 9.30 pm to 1.30 am & Locker (lockers are subject to availability), 1 Drink Coupon (1 coupon equals 2 Beers or 1 Cocktail), 1 pair of slippers. €79

    Duo Tickets:

    • Duo Ticket: €108 (2 persons), the price for €54 per person includes Party Tickets for 2 guests from 9.30 pm to 1.30 am, lockers (for storage).  €108
    • Duo Premium: €128 (2 persons), the price for €64 per person includes Party Tickets for 2 guests from 9.30 pm to 1.30 am,lockers (for storage), 2 drink coupons.  €128
    • Duo Premium Plus: €158 (2 persons), the price for €79 per person includes Party Tickets for 2 guests from 9.30 pm to 1.30 am, lockers (for storage), 2 drink coupons, 2 pairs of slippers.  €158

    Trio Tickets:

    • Trio Ticket: €162 (3 persons), the price for €54 per person includes Party Tickets for 3 guests from 9.30 pm to 1.30 am and 3 Lockers  €162
    • Trio Premium: €192 (3 persons), the price for €64 per person includes Party Tickets for 3 guests from 9.30 pm to 1.30  am, 3 Lockers, 3 drink coupons.  €192
    • Trio Premium Plus: €237 (3 persons), the price for €79 per person includes Party Tickets for 3 guests from 9.30 pm to 1.30  am, 3 Lockers, 3 drink coupons, 3 pairs of slippers  €237

    Weather & Bath Parties

    Lukacs Baths Budapest Spa Party FireworksThe party is on, even it rains or snows unless there is totally impossible weather (which happened once on a summer thunder-stormy night with tons of lightening). The thermal water creates a thick warm steam cloud over the outdoor pools, which are surrounded by 4 walls of the bath building, cushioning the warm air in Szechenyi Bath. You go inside the pool in the heated building and swim outside in the hot spring channel to the outdoor pool. The warm thermal water wraps you well.

    When are bath parties in Szechenyi Bath?

    Bath parties are available almost every month in the city of Budapest, from February to December in Szechenyi Bath. The party organizers reserve the right to change the venue if needed. There have been parties in Rudas Bath too.

    Spa Waters of Budapest Sparties

    Knight of Saint John Hospitaller
    Knight of Saint John Hospitaller

    The hot spring waters of Lukacs Bath are supplied by thousand-year-old geothermal springs. In the 12th century, the Knights Hospitaller used these waters to cure patients. In the 16th century, the invading Turkish soldiers, pashas conquered Buda Castle and built their wonderful baths along the river Danube (Rudas Bath, Kiraly Bath, Veli Bej Bath), for ritual bathing, medicinal treatments, relaxation and meditation. The waters are recommended for healing joint problems, tiredness and other locomotive diseases.

    The present building of Lukacs Baths is a 19th-century thermal bath complex, which has recently been restored. You will find numerous marble plaques on the walls of the bath, which are Gratitude Plaques (like in churches, after healing).

    Magic Bath Parties in Budapest

    Lukacs Baths Budapest Spa Party Laser
    Lukacs Baths Budapest Spa Party

    Tickets online for the Magic Bath parties are available for purchase online if you want to secure your entry in advance. Tickets f

    • Bath Party Ticket Online
    • Duo Tickets: ticket packages for 2 available with various extras
    • Drinks: alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks will be sold at the party (the legal age for drinking alcohol in Hungary is 18 years old). Some tickets include drink coupons. 1 drink coupon is worth 2 Beers or 1 Cocktail.
    • Music: DJs playing various electronic beats, trip-hop, drum and base, trance, hiphop, and other disco music
    • Dance floor: in the warm geothermal baths and also outside the pool
    • Venue: Szechenyi Bath and not Lukacs Bath
    • What to bring: towel, flip flop, swimwear, some waterproof holder, if you want to carry any items with you
    • Payment: Payment at the party is with a special party plastic card, which is charged with HUF when you check in the party. No cash is accepted inside the baths at the bar. Whatever money you have left on the party card, you can exchange it back for your original cash until 1.30 am when the party ends.

    The winter edition of ‘Szecska’ is called ‘Magic Bath’ at Szechenyi Baths. The regular Magic Bath parties are a lot more affordable than the special event Cinetrip parties, which are usually once or twice a year (e.g. the pre-New Year’s Eve Bath Party)

    “Well, hello, gorgeous, are you coming to the Magic Bath Party? I’m donning my party speedo.”
    “Sure, honey, just a sec, I’ll just grab my bikini and flip-flops, get a cheap air flight to Budapest, and spend the most awesomest night in the geothermal tub”

    Party Card Budapest Sparty
    Waterproof Party Card for Payment Budapest Sparty

    Szecska bath parties, known as sparties at Szechenyi Bath are extremely popular at Szechenyi Bath in the summertime. But you should not be stranded in winter either. The biggest of all Magic Bath Parties in Budapest is a special edition Cinetrip Budapest Party in December with loads of awesome shows, the best DJs, etc. It is a pricier one-off magic bath party.

    The winter season of the Bath Parties used to be held in Lukacs Bath, but from 2018 all Parties take place in Szechenyi Baths.

    History of Budapest Bath Parties
    The idea of a party in a thermal bath was born in 1994 by L. Laki Laszlo, who later became the founder of Cinetrip. The first Sparty (however not under this name yet) was held in Szechenyi Baths – but only for a bigger group of friends of the organisers.
    Regular Sparties for the public audience started in 1998 in Rudas Bath (and occasionally in Gellert Spa Kiraly and Lukacs Baths).

    The secret of the huge success of the Sparty is not merely that it’s the only bath party in the world, but its unique music and the visual world too – featuring video projection mapping. Video projection mapping (the newest visual genre of the 21st century) is a special projection technology that uses different objects (for example buildings, in this case) as a display surface.

    Lukacs Baths used to be the home of winter Bath Parties, but in 2018 the bigger Szechenyi Baths became the permanent venue due to high demand and increased popularity of the Sparty series.

    Last updated Jan 4, 2022


  1. Hello I want to know where I can see the pictures of the Nov 9, 2013, Budapest Bath Party in Lukacs Baths.
    Thank you.

  2. Anything happening on 13-15th Dec 2013 weekend?

  3. What are the timings for the party?

  4. Hi we had an amazing time on Saturday 23rd of November but we wondered where we could find the pictures of the party?

  5. Hi!

    Do you know if the Lukacs Baths for the night party is happening on the 5th of April?

    Also, how much tickets?


  6. Hello, I would like to know where the pictures are from the Lukacs bath party on November 23, thank you!

  7. Hi,
    I would like to know the difference between ‘bonus ticket’ (120 euro) and ‘double bonus ticket’ (80 euro).


    • Hello Veronika, the double bonus ticket (80 Euro) does not include the spa party towels, which is included in the Bonus tickets (120 Euro).

      Bonus Tickets of Budapest Spa Bath Party include:

      2 bath party tickets,
      1 private cabin (with a lock),
      4 party cocktails
      2 party towels with Sparty logo
      2 gift tote bags with Sparty logo

      Double Bonus Tickets of Budapest Spa Bath Party include:

      2 bath party tickets,
      1 private cabin (with a lock),
      4 party cocktails
      2 gift tote bags with Sparty logo

  8. I wanted to know where we can find the photos from the Lukacs Sparty this past weekend? Thanks!

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  10. Hello! I’ve already been to Lukacs bath and told to the world about this awesome experience ( I’m coming to Budapest again now to celebrate my birthday. My friends are going to your pool party on the 5th April. They’ve already bought tickets and all is sold out now. Please help me. Can I buy the ticket to get there?

    • Hello Polina, first of all thank you for spreading the word about the party in Lukacs Baths Budapest. We are glad to see you and others happy at the spa parties.
      April 5 is very near now, but you can still buy a duo ticket perhaps, and split with someone. I know it is not the cheapest ticket for the party, as the price of the ticket package is for 2 people at €80:
      Incl. 2 bags + 4 drink coupons + cabin
      Unfortunately the regular tickets have indeed been sold out by now, the cheap entries sell out the fastest. But it may be well worth celebrating your birthday in Lukacs Baths after all! We wish you a great great time on your birthday!!!

  11. Hii! I’m going to Budapest with 2 friends next week and we wanna go to Lukács party on 5th April but all tickets are sold online.
    Does anyone know another way to buy it? or does anyone sell any?
    Please help us! Thank you!!

    • Hello Sara, for the April 5 bath party you can still buy a duo ticket and split with someone. The price of the ticket package for 2 people is €80:
      Incl. 2 bags + 4 drink coupons + cabin
      Unfortunately the regular tickets have indeed been sold out by now, the cheap entries sell out the fastest.

  12. hi, i am trying to book a single standard party ticket for party on 26th April however i cant find the ticket page, can you give me the exact link please.

  13. I dont know whether to buy the single ticket for 25 euros or the bonus for 40 euros. Is paying an extra 15 euros for 4 drinks good value? How much is one drink?

    • Hello Lorren, the single ticket includes a locker for storage. By contrast, the duo ticket for €80 (€40 each) includes a private changing room (a cubicle) called cabin, plus 4 drink coupons, plus 2 spa bath party logo bags. Note: the cabin is shared for 2 people. If you are not sure, just buy the regular party ticket as long as it is available (this is the most popular entry)

  14. Hello, I’m on a weekend break and I bought two tickets for Magic Bath at Lukacs on the 12th of April when I should have got two tickets for the 5th of April. Please how do I change them? I’ve emailed Paylogic to change them but they take 48 hours to reply. Please help Lukacs baths.

  15. Very dissatisfied with this place. I paid 120 euro for two tickets and never got in. We (along with 50 other people with tickets in hand) were stopped at the door and refused entry for hours. Some other groups of people showed up out of nowhere, bypassed the line, and were inside within minutes.
    I doubt I will get a refund, so if you want to get into this place, plan on giving the bouncer an additional 10000 HUF or have at least a 1:1 ratio of blond women to other people in your group.

    • Hi Colin, the tickets you have paid for included a fast track party entry, which would have enabled you too to skip the lines as part of the ticket specialties and special price. We are very sorry that you were not well informed about what your special party entry includes and waited in line along with the standard ticket holders (assuming the 50 other people in the queue). The other groups of people you mention must have had a special, more expensive sparty ticket too, that is why they could “bypass the line and be inside in minutes”.
      Indeed, unfortunately, we cannot give you a refund as your ticket service included the same skip the line entry you could have used. All information is provided in details online before making the ticket purchase. We hope to see you at another bath party in Budapest. No need for a blondie beauty to get in faster, and you will be welcome regardless of gender, age, hair color, etc. to enter faster as long as your ticket enables you.
      Again, we are truly sorry that you were not aware of your special status and therefore could not use the fast track lane.

  16. Bath Party April 5

    Where can I find pictures that the photographer took of the party on April 5? Is there a website or facebook page? Thanks!

  17. Hi,
    where can we find the pictures of last night’s sparty?


  18. Hello! Are already finished tyckets for the 3rd of May Party? When I click on the link below Parties dates 2014 , I go in a page that shows me the normal tycket for 25 euro? is that one for party or for a normal day bath?
    Hope you answer, bye!

    • Hello Elisa, the bath party venue has changed from Lukacs Bath to Szechenyi Bath in Budapest due to the nice weather, mild sunny spring. The party tickets are slightly more expensive in Szechenyi Baths (in this year, 2014, 25 Euros per person). The party ticket is only for the party time, after 9:30 pm, cannot be used for the day time bath visit (normal day bath).

  19. hello,

    i’m organising a bachelorette party in budapest the weekend of 16-17-18 january,

    We dedided to come to budapest for the pool party, is there any party this weekend? I can’t find the programm.



  20. Hey,
    is it still possible to buy tickets for the bath party tonight?

  21. Hey, just wondering where we can find the photos form your spartys. We attended the 6/12 event.


  22. Hi,
    I see you do not answer questions related to photos, I would just like confirmation they will not be available?

  23. Hi,

    I just bought 3 x the Xpress tickets at 80 euros each for the march 14th party. I read the comments and this 80 euro ticket can be split between 2 people – but on the e-ticket it says it’s just for one person. Can you confirm that this is indeed a ticket for two people? The prices and names seem to have changed!


  24. Hi !
    I’d like to go in lukacs magic bath party on this saturday (21st february) but I can’t pay my ticket by paylogic, even if I’ve created a profile and that I filled up all what was asked to me on the website, something is not working. I’d like to know if you received my demands and if i got at least one of the ticket i tried to pay. I’m scared to have paid a lot of tickets, or even worse, to have failed book even one ticket.
    Waiting for your answer.
    (I paid for XPRESS TICKET)

  25. Please can you answer !!! I’m concerned !

  26. how do you access the photos taken from the Lukács spa party on the 14th of Feb??

  27. Hi,

    I was just wondering if there are strobe lights in your baths? I’m heading out on March 7th for that party and have my tickets already. But just wondering!

  28. Hello, we would like to book tickets for the March 28 2015 party – but will not arrive at the party until after midnight – is this okay?? Thanks!

    • Hello Molly, sure, no problem. You can check in continuously with your online ticket. The only disadvantage is that the pool party is until 3 am in the morning so you will only have 3 hours to enjoy the best party in Budapest!

  29. For some reason I cannot purchase a ticket for the March 21st bath party. I have tried several times and keep receiving an error. Here is my reference number reference:204084194780 and error code:20001001

    • Hello Olivia, could you please try to make another reservation from a different IP address (different laptop / computer) with a different card? The best would be perhaps to re-register on paylogic.
      Otherwise the system may flag you again as spam for multiple trials in a quick succession. The error code is used for spam attackers.

      Hope this helps in booking your party tickets.

  30. Hen Party April 2015

    Can you please tell me if there are tickets available for this Sparty:
    ■April 25, 2015, Budapest Spring Bath Party in Szechenyi Spa & Baths – buy tickets here
    I have tried booking and when getting to the payment section it didnt go through?

    • Hello Keeley, yes, I can confirm that there are more than 20 tickets at this moment for the upcoming party on 25 April.
      Please try to make another reservation from a different IP address (different laptop / computer) with a different card. Otherwise the system may flag you as spam for multiple trials in a quick succession.
      Hope this helps in booking your party tickets.

      Thank you for choosing the bath party as part of your hen party program in Budapest.

  31. To whom it may concern,
    I wrote a review recently on TripAdvisor about my boyfriend whom needed medical attention after being physically hurt by the employees of the Sparty. We were unable to recover our money on the prepaid card after this incident and intend on looking into this as a legal matter when we return to the United States if we hear nothing back from anyone.

    Kimberly Hester

    • Hello Kimberly, we are terribly sorry about the incident at the party. The guard was trying to maintain the peace at the party, as our internal report shows that there was a fight breaking out between more guests, including your boyfriend. We are still continuing the investigation, and will try our best to make sure that no similar incidents take place at the bath party.
      The prepaid card value has been transferred back to the account. We hope to welcome you back with improved services.

  32. Where is the photos from 14th of February 2015?

  33. Is there not a party on the weekend of 12th December 2015?

  34. What are the drinks prices here?

    • Hello Rico, the drink prices of the Bath Party range from 1 Euro to 13 Euros. Here is a guide for 2015:
      1 Euro: 100 ml wine
      2 Euros: 500 ml beer
      1.7 Euros: 500 ml fizzy drinks and bottled mineral water
      4 Euros: shots of 40 ml (vodka, gin, jagermeister, whiskey, rum, tequila, unicum, etc.)
      12-13 Euros: a bottle of sparkling wine (Hungarian)

  35. Can you quickly share the telephone number ? Trying to find out if tickets still available and if shorts can be bought at party? Seriously for an event organizing company with no cell or telephone number to ring, are you for real ??

    • Hello Sarfraz, we are fast by email.
      May I ask if you tried to contact us by email, as I cannot find anything under your name?

      Mostly the party is sold out by the day of the bath party, so phone calls are simply late.
      As long as tickets are available, the site shows available tickets on the online booking platform. On the very page your comment is on.
      If online sales has stopped, you may try your luck on the spot (a few tickets might be sold there, nothing guaranteed though, leftover tickets might be sold before you get to the entrance).
      Swimming trunks for men can be bought on the spot, as well as towels or bath robes with the bath party logo.

      In short, no telephone number for the Lukacs bath party. Please send us an email any time. Possibly a few days before the Budapest bath party begins, so that we have a chance to get back to you with good news and detailed information.

  36. Hey.
    How many people normaly comming at that kind of party?

    • Hi Jakub, usually the Budapest bath party is full house. Lukacs Bath parties can welcome about 500 people.
      Occasionally some tickets are left on the spot.
      Mostly sold out.

  37. Hey … Will there be a party on 22nd or 23rd January 2016 ?

  38. Thank you, I’ve recently been looking for info about this topic for ages and yours is the greatest I have discovered till now.
    However, what abot the conclusion? Are youu
    certain about the source?

  39. Hi Guys,

    Wondering if there is a bath party on Saturday 9th April anywhere.

    Looking to book for 18 of us, but cant see any details where to buy tickets.

    If you could email me info, it would be appreciated.

  40. hello , is there any party between the 08/01/2016 and 11/01/2016

  41. Hello,

    What time of music will be playing on the Saturday 13th Feb party?


  42. Is the outdoor pool open on February?

  43. Dear Sir or Madam,
    I would like to buy a ticket for your party on the 5th of May, but there is some problem with your website. I would like to know: is the ticket on this date still available?
    Best regards

  44. Hi I was looking for tickets for 4 girls for the Lukacs bath party for tonight 27/02/2016. I see that it is all sold out on your website but was wondering if there are any other way to get tickets?
    Many thanks

    • Hi Laura, there are sometimes people reselling their party tickets in front of Lukacs Baths. You may wish to give it a try. The best bet is to book as advance as you can though.

  45. Baths are just something else in Budapest. Nothing like taking a dip in Széchenyi or Rudas after a day of client meetings. I’ve already booked my upcoming business trip and already secured my airport transfer budtransfer. And these parties at Lukacs seem right up my alley, how much earlier should I book?

  46. How about first half of April 2017? Lukacs or Szechenyi?

  47. Any bath parties between 23 and 25 of december??

  48. where can i find pictures from 11/5?

  49. Hi,

    I wanted to buy the duo ticket xpress plus for me and my partner. I thought it was 150 for the two tickets but once I’ve paid it has charged me double!? Have I now got four tickets or is the 150 price per person?

    • Dear Paige,
      As the complete online ticket buying process is on paylogic, including complaints, we would like to kindly ask you to email asap to the email address of the Paylogic Customer Service in English (
      Thank you for your cooperation.

  50. Is there a party on Friday 20/Saturday 21st January 2017?

  51. Hello,

    I want to know if there are still tickets for the Sparty 25 february?
    Or are there still tickets available at the door for 2 persons?

    Thank you!

    • Dear Chantal,
      unfortunately all the ticket types are sold out for the Feb 25 Sparty, except the Single Express Premium. You can try to buy tickets on the spot of the venue at the door, but there is no guarantee, that you will get Tickets.
      Hopefully you can get in and have fun at the Sparty!

  52. Hello, I need to buy tickets for November, but there are only parties until outuvro. There will be parties in November?

  53. Hello, I need to buy tickets for November, but there are only parties until october . There will be parties in November?

  54. hello My wife and I were thinking in coming next Nov from the 2 till 5 to Budapest. We would like to come to the Lukacs Bath Party/. will music be in English or not? Can you please send nov party pics. What packages and prices are sutable for us.

    Thanks keith

  55. Hello

    I am looking to book a stag weekend at the end of January 2018- will the lukacs spa bath party still be open then?

    Also, when would the schedule likely become available?


    • Hello Kyle,
      thank you for your inquiry.
      Usually January is a break in the bath Party season, after the pre-New Year’s Eve Party the next date is in February. The actual party dates will be confirmed later though, so I would recommend you to check back later for details. Thank you for your patience.

  56. Hi! Really hoping that it would be possible for you guys to add another December date before the NYE party – Saturday December 23 – PLEASE I really want to go to one and I am only there for one week!!!

  57. Hey. Are there any events in December apart from the NYE event?

  58. Hello, will there be a bath party on sat 2nd December 2017. If so when will this be advertised?

  59. hi, we will be in Hungary from December 22nd evening to December 27th. Any parties during that time frame you can recommend? Rgds, Michael

  60. Hi; where can we find the pictures from 11th number?

    Cheers james

  61. Hi I’m attending the nye party on the 30th, can I wear hair/ face glitter?

  62. Hello,
    I will come with a friend 2 dans in budapest in january 2018 and i don’t know if there is a party in bath (Sparty) the week end 26-27 of january ?
    Have a good day,

  63. Hello. If the party of Feb.,17th will take place in an openair pool? If yes, isn’t it too cold?
    Thank you :-)

  64. Hello! I will be in Budapest the weekend of February 22-24 of 2019.. I was wondering if y’all will be having a party on those dates and if so, when will the tickets be available for purchase?

  65. Anything happening on 14-16th Dec 2018 weekend ??

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