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Prices in Lukacs Baths

Lukacs Baths is one of the most affordable and great value thermal baths in Budapest, please see the current prices below. You will find many regular locals in the baths, as most tourists visit either Szechenyi Spa Bath or Gellert Spa. If you have a Budapest Card, it includes a one time full day bath entry for free of charge, any day of the week (from Monday to Sunday)

Prices in Lukacs Bath, 2017

Tickets Weekdays Weekends & Holidays
Daily ticket with locker usage 3 500 HUF 3 700 HUF
Daily ticket with cabin usage (free with Budapest Cards) 3 900 HUF 4 100 HUF
Evening ticket with Cabin (from 6 pm) 3 500 HUF
Party ticket (from 10.30 pm) check prices on Party page
Daily ticket with Locker & sauna for one occasion 4 500 HUF 4 900 HUF
Daily ticket with Cabin & sauna for one occasion 4 900 HUF 5 300 HUF


Services Prices
Aroma relax massage (20 minutes) 4 100 HUF
Aroma relax massage (30 minutes) 5 200 HUF
Aroma relax massage (40 minutes) 6 800 HUF
Aroma relax massage(60 minutes) 12 000 HUF
Powder massage (20 minutes) 4 100 HUF
Powder massage (30 minutes) 5 200 HUF
Powder massage (40 minutes) 6 800 HUF
Powder massage(60 minutes) 12 000 HUF
Manager massage (20 minutes) 4 100 HUF
Manager massage (30 minutes) 5 200 HUF
Manager massage (40 minutes) 6 800 HUF
Foot massage (20 minutes) 2 800 HUF
Foot massage (30 minutes)
Foot reflex zone massage (50 minutes) 5 500 HUF
Head massage (20 minutes) 3 400 HUF
Face and decolletage massage (30 minutes) 4 800 HUF
Rose Oil Turkish massage (60 minutes) 12 000 HUF
Rose Oil Turkish massage for Couples (60 minutes) 24 000 HUF
Gold and Purple Private Baths
For 2 persons, for 3 hours 8 500 HUF
For 2 persons, for 3 hours with 1, 20-minute aroma relax massage 12 400 HUF
For 2 persons, for 3 hours with 2, 20-minute aroma relax massage 16 300 HUF

Please check current prices on the official Lukacs Furdo website


  1. Dear Lukas baths, I’m enquiring on behalf of group of 24 from Ireland on a school trip (18-25) and was wondering if there were any rates you could offer us for Friday January 8th?
    Kindest regards,
    Jason Tourish

  2. Dear Lukacsbath,

    Which services can i use with Budapest card? And can i use the additional massage services?

    • Dear Williams,
      with Budapest Card you will get 1 free entry to the thermal baths. However, rental services, spa services, like massages or foods and drinks in the cafe are not part of the discount bath plan, so you will need to expect full prices in Lukacs Baths for anything beyond the bath tickets. That said, your standard bath ticket includes:
      free use of the 7 pools in Lukacs Baths
      free use of the Saunas in Lukacs Baths
      Have a lovely time in the Baths!

  3. Hello, can we bring an 8 and 4 year old during the day? Are there children’s swimming pools too? What is the cost for children? Are you open in September?

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